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Holepunch's Mary Sue Litmus Test:

Ah, the Mary Sue. We can't cobble together a truly comprehensive description of what they are, exactly, but we can agree on one thing: an annoying, 'perfect' character who, through a general lack of flaws and character development, is excruciating to sit through and often makes us gnash our teeth, tear our hair, and reach for the back button. This nefarious creature can be measured and detected, so let's all grab our magnifying glasses and get classifying.

This is a subjective subject; a trait that drives one person right up the wall might fail to get any reaction from another. As you go through the list, count up the points. Each trait will register from 1-5 points, with 1 being a mild thing and 5 being a serious infraction. If a trait is not addressed at all in the story the character comes from, or is totally unknown, just ignore it. And don't worry about racking up points—the de-Suifier part of the test ought to restore some balance to the character (if they've got any) by taking away a few points.

This test is divided into three parts:
1) General traits—applicable to all characters.
2) Fanfic characters' section. (for fandoms with an expanded universe, run the characters through this section as well—it's still fan work.)
3) Flaws and de-Suifiers—something to soften the blow.

Point Ratings:
0-15: Doing fine; this character is balanced and believable, without any/many overwhelming Sue qualities. Good job!
15-25: This character is acceptable, but not humble.
25-40: Getting into Sue territory; you might want to go over the character again.
40-50: It would be a good idea at this stage to seriously reconsider this character, as they can qualify for a Mary Sue.
50+: You've got a Sue on your hands. I recommend killing it with fire.
80+: What the hell are you thinking!?

Example Scores:
Colonel Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds): 10
Edward Cullen (Twilight): 92
Granny Weatherwax (Discworld): 10
Artemis Entreri (Forgotten Realms): 53
Riddick (Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick): 23

Remember, just because a character gets points for something doesn't mean that they're a Sue. It's when the points start to pile up that the trouble begins. Even if ones are innocuous, too many and you might have a problem on your hands...

Section I: General Traits

1) The character's name, is it... (1 point each)
a) An unusual name for the character's locale/culture/race/time? (ex. Sakura or Hiromi for a non-Japanese, an English medieval peasant named Madison).
b) A more ordinary name, spelled differently so that it's more unusual?
c) A noun or verb not usually used as a name? (ex. Wolverine, Hunter, etc.)
d) A nickname that was chosen because it sounded cool? (ex. Raven, the Jackal)
e) A New Age, gothic, or just darn whimsical name? (ex. Moonlight Raven Winterschild, Ebony Tamora Eclipse, Lady Amelia Dianne Clark the Third, etc.)
f) The name of a god, goddess, or mythical hero? (ex. Ares, Juno, Isis.)
g) Obviously the name of a historical figure? (ex. Bonaparte, Cleopatra, Diogenes. Common names like William don't count.)
h) Something just 'perfect' for them? (ex. Jade, for an aloof or cool character.)

2) Does the character have an impressive-sounding title or a unique address? (1 point.)

3) Is the character exceptionally beautiful or handsome? (2 points.) Or are they merely pretty or good-looking, but not striking? (1 point.)
...Is their beauty frequently described (or remarked upon by others)? (2 more points.)
...By characters who don't normally do that sort of thing? (2 more points.)
...Are they described in poetic terms or purple prose? (1 more point.)
...IN DIALOGUE!? (3 more points.)
...Do they still look good even when they should not be, such as after being tortured, wounded, badly sick, in battle, etc?) (2 more points.)

4) Do other characters fight over the character because of their good looks? (2 points.)
...Is anybody envious of or feels threatened by their beauty? (1 point.)

5) Conversely, is it emphasized that that character is not beautiful or attractive, despite evidence to the contrary, such as a great number of other characters falling in love with/lusting after them? (3 points.)

6) If male, is that character a chick magnet? If female, do all the guys want her? (3 points.)
...Does this charm defy sexual orientation? (4 points.)

7) About the character's charisma, are they able to make friends/allies easily? (1 point.)
...Even with otherwise unfriendly characters? (1 more point.)
...Can they regularly convert enemies to allies with their charm? (3 points.)
...Do other characters automatically trust them? (2 points.)
...Even characters that are of a suspicious/untrusting mindset? (4 points.)
...Are they good at talking someone into doing what they want or giving out information? (1 point.)

8) Does the character have a great physique, which is shown or described in loving or drooling detail? (2 points.)
...Does it defy their eating/exercise habits? (3 points.)
...Are their proportions impossible or extremely difficult to achieve? (ex. A D-cup on a 28-inch bust, a 6'1 girl weighing 100 pounds but not anorexic, etc.) (5 points.)

9) Looks aside, is the character in the pink of health despite detrimental habits? (ex. a chain-smoker with healthy lungs, very heavy drinker with healthy liver and skin, etc.) (5 points.)

10) Back to looks, does the character have any of the following? (1 point each.)
a) An unusual eye colour for their race/species? (ex. purple, blue if Asian, yellow)
b) A distinctive or unusual birthmark, especially if it's noticeable?
c) Eyes with any other odd characteristics, such as vertically slit pupils or mismatched colours?
d) Colour-changing eyes? (3 points.)
e) Mood-ring eyes? (5 points.)
f) An unusual hair colour for their race/species/animation? (ignore if it's dyed. 3 points if it's natural.)
g) Multicoloured hair? (5 points if it's natural.)
h) Cool tattoos?

11) Does the character have a scar that does not actually detract from their appearance, but makes them look cool? (1 point.)
...Is this scar in an odd shape for which there's no real accounting? (3 points.)

12) Does this character get a disproportionate amount of description or screen time compared to the other characters? (2 points—ignore if they're the main character.)

13) Does the character smell really good—and it's not their perfume, shampoo, or soap? (1 point.)

14) About the character's clothing... (1 point each.)
...Was it chosen to make them look extremely cool? (bonus point if it involves a lot of black, leather, high-heeled boots, or a trench coat. Or, god help you, all of the above.)
...Is it very expensive and/or cool/trendy?
...Is it very impractical or inappropriate for the character's setting or profession, but nonetheless looks good? (ex. high heels on a soldier's combat boots, a miniskirt on a nun, etc?) (4 points.)
...Are there weapons stashed in there?

15) Can the character get away scot-free with being openly disrespectful or insubordinate toward authority figures and/or superior officers? (3 points for limited occasions, 5 points if it's regularly.)

16) Is the character always 'right?' (2 points.)
...And do they regularly prove other characters 'wrong?' (2 more points.)
...Are the other characters cowed by this one's greatness and authority, and agree to do, think, or believe things the character's way, even if they were firm about their beliefs and habits before? (4 points.)

17) If anyone disagrees with or dislikes the character, are they stupid, nasty, jealous, just plain wrong, or evil to 'justify' their dislike of the character? (5 points.)

18) Is the character socially popular? (1 point.)

19) If the character has an attitude, temper, or spitfire personality, are the tongue-lashings they dole out to other characters 'justified?' (2 points.)

20) If the character's in trouble, is there always someone there to bail their ass out of the fire? (2 points.)

21) Is the character always punished more harshly than is normal for the infraction they've committed? (2 points.)
...Or do they always get off easy? (4 points.)

22) Does the character always have money for whatever they might want? (1 point.)
...Even if they have no day job or source of income? (2 more points.)
...Are they fabulously wealthy, heir to a large fortune, or just provided for? (3 points.)

23) About the character's past, were they...
a) Tortured? (2 points.)
b) Orphaned? (2 points.)
c) Abandoned? (2 points.)
d) Enslaved? (2 points.)
e) Abused? (3 points.)
f) The only survivor of some disaster/genocide/etc? (3 points.)
g) Raped? (4 points.)

24) Is their whole family dead? (2 points)
...Did the family die/be killed in front of them? (4 points.)

25) Is this character meant to be an ideal? (ex. If male, is he a paragon of rugged masculinity and an inspiration to all? If female, is she all sweetness and purity, or else a tough independent warrior woman?) (3 points.)

26) Is the character unusually and improbably advanced for their age/social status/whatever? (ex. the 15-year old general of an army, the 12-year-old going to university). (5 points.)

27) Are they very accomplished? (2 points.)
...Are they remarkably accomplished in more than 1 area? (3 points for each.)

28) Is the character the youngest ever to attend an academy/join an organization/attain a rank/etc? (5 points.)
...What about the only woman (or man, in a female-dominated field/society) to do that in known history? (4 points.)

29) Is the character the best or among the very best at something they do? (3 points for each thing.)

30) Are even the most cynical, anal-retentive, exacting, or fussy characters awed or impressed by this character's skills? (4 points.)

31) Everybody loves music! Does the character... (1 point each.)
...Have a lovely singing voice?
...Play a musical instrument? (1 point for each instrument.)
...Can they play by ear?
...Can they make anyone cry with how beautiful their singing/playing is?
...Have an especially pleasant/sexy speaking voice?

32) Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Speaking of which, does the character fluently speak any languages apart from their native tongue? (1 point for each.)
...Do they have a gigantic vocabulary in some language, whether it's their native one or not? (1 point.)
...And does it exceed their age and/or educational level? (2 points.)

33) When the character does something, do they always succeed? (5 points.)

34) Are the character's parents/guardians unduly restrictive or demanding? (1 point.)
...Or do they just let their kid run amok? (2 points.)

35) Is the character undeservingly outcast or despised by people? (2 points.)
...Is it because of their talent, their powers, or their intellect? (4 points.)
...Is it because of their beauty? (5 points.)

36) Do they have a tormented, angst-ridden past? (3 points.)

37) Is the character very intelligent? (1 point.)
...Do they have very good intuition? (1 point.)
...Are they a genius? (3 points.)
...Do they have an IQ of 6420340? (5 points, and learn how IQ tests work, please.)

38) Do they have a wide variety of talents? Are they a renaissance man/woman? (ex. cooking, mechanics, carpentry, driving, botany, etc.) (3 points.)

39) Is the character a very good mimic for ordinary (non-magical) skills? (ex. they can emulate accents, dances, etiquette, etc, by observation) (2 points.)

40) Do they have a great memory? (1 point.)
...Is it photographic or eidetic? (3 points.)

41) Is the character's appearance unsuited to the time or place? (ex. a cavewoman with shaved legs, somebody wearing bifocals in the historical Middle Ages, etc.) (4 points.)

42) Is the character related to royalty or nobility? (2 points.)

43) Are they particularly well-travelled? That is, greater than the norm for their surroundings? (1 point.)
...How about in a time/place where travel was not extensive? (1 more point.)

44) Are the character's flaws limited to small, insignificant ones that won't do any harm, or even endear them, such as adorable clumsiness? (3 points.)
...Are they mentioned, but never see use in-story? (Informed flaws.) (5 points.)

45) Does this character obviously get preferential treatment over the other characters—that is, do they get to take all the nicest presents? (ex. If a special or helpful item is found, this character gets it. If someone is to have a great bit of dialogue or action scene, it's this character, and so on and so forth) (5 points.)

46) Is the character able to make accurate snap judgements of other characters? (3 points)
...Are they always right? (5 points, and go soak your head.)

47) Is the character able to get away with just about everything they do, no matter how insolent/nasty/destructive/obnoxious/etc, without invoking karmic backlash of some sort? (5 points.)

48) Does the character have a familiar or an animal companion? (1 point.)
...Is it something "cool," like a wolf? (1 more point)
...Is it a magical creature or a demon? (1 more point.)
...What about something major, powerful, or large, like a gryphon or a dragon? (2 more points.)

49) Does the character have any special/magical items that make the going easier on them? (ex. an enchanted sword, a glowing crystal ball to light the way, a bag of holding.) (2 points per item.)

50) Is the character the most powerful mage in the world? (5 points.)
...Or are they just a very skilled or powerful one? (3 points.)
...Or are they just your average mage? (1 point.)

51) Does the character practice a type of magic that is not usual for their sex/social standing/training level/whatever restrictions apply? (3 points.)

52) Is the character an alien, or something else not human? (1 point.)
...Are they of a 'superior' species? (3 points.)
...Are they a hybrid of some sort? (1 more point.)
...What about if hybrids are really rare or generally impossible in their canon/setting? (5 points.)

53) Is the character possessed of any cybernetics that enhance their natural abilities or give them new ones? (ex. infrared, super strength, ability to hack computers with their MIND) (1 point per enhancement.)
...If not cybernetics, is the character possessed of super-powers that give them these traits? (2 points per ability.)

54) If the character is a vampire, do they sparkle? (If they do, stop taking this test immediately and learn the bloody folklore. If you insist on continuing, take 15 points.)
...Or are they just an ordinary vampire? (2 points.)
...Are they angsty? (3 more points.)
...Do they have less weaknesses than is traditional? (ex. not averse to garlic, cannot be harmed by silver) (2 more points per weakness removed.)
...Do they have more powers than is traditional? (3 more points per added ability.)
...Are they a 'good' vampire? (2 more points.)

55) Is the character tough, physically, emotionally, and/or mentally? (1 point.)
...Are space marines wimpy compared to this character? (2 more points.)
...Is the toughness only stated, but never actually shown? (4 more points.)

56) Do they regularly receive new skills or weapons? (3 points.)

57) Do they master any skills in an improbably quick amount of time? (ex. becoming fluent in a language in a few weeks, mastering a type of magic within a few months where it usually takes years, etc.) (3 points.)

58) About weapons, can they use any? (1 point per weapon. Ignore if the character in question is with a military or paramilitary organization and this is included in the standard training package. Take points for non-standard weapons.)
...Do they tend to carry an arsenal along with them? (2 points.)
...Even when it's inappropriate to do so? (2 more points.)
...Do they carry a weapon that is inappropriate for the surroundings? (ex. a broadsword in WWII era, etc.) (4 points.)

59) Does the character look younger than they are? (1 point.)
...Significantly younger? (2 points; 1 if they use potions/suck life force/etc to remain young)
...Are they an immortal? (3 points.)
...Or is there no explanation for this at all, apart from a desire to keep the character young and pretty? (5 points.)

60) Is the character liked by the whole cast? (5 points)

61) Are the character's observations consistent with objective reality? (5 points)

Section II: Fanfic Characters

1) So when they get introduced, does the reader get scads and scads of description on them in fine, loving detail? (4 points.)

2) Do they ever get into a romantic or sexual relationship with a canon character? (3 points; 5 points per instance if they get with multiple canon characters.)
...Is the canon character altered in any way to better fit this character, or do they otherwise act differently when they're with them? (5 points.)

3) Does this character take the spotlight away from the main cast? (4 points; 1 point if the OC in question is the main character in a cast of mostly original characters.)

4) Does this character ever show up one or more of the canon characters? (ex. A villainous OC humiliating Darth Vader or outwitting Havelock Vetinari.) (3 points per instance.)

5) Are the rules of the canon bent or broken for this character? (ex. a 9-year old being admitted to Hogwarts) (5 points per instance.)

6) Is the character basically a gender-swapped version of a canon character? (3 points.)

7) Is the character a clone of a canon character? (2 points.)
...What if cloning isn't part of a world's canon? (5 points)

8) Does the character possess a trinket similar or identical to something a canon character has? (3 points; ignore if everyone in the canon has this item)
...Does it have the same powers/carry the same significance? (2 more points. Ignore if it's a typical item as above.)
...Does it turn out that the canon character's trinket is a fake, whereas this character's one is the real deal? (5 points.)

9) Does the character exist to harass, threaten, kill, or beat up the characters you don't like, or to get with the characters that you do? (4 points.)

10) Is the character related to a canon character, whether by marriage or bloodline? (3 points for marriage or immediate family, 1 point for more distant relations, such as cousins.)

11) Does the character manage to beat one or more of the canon characters at their own game? (ex. in a wizards' duel in the Harry Potter universe, in a swordfight in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe.) (3 points per instance.)

12) Is the character of a species that is not normally found in the universe of the series for which this is written? (5 points.)

13) Is the character a racial hybrid? (1 point; ignore if you took the point for this earlier)
...When this is unusual in that universe? (2 points.)
...When this is unheard of in that universe? (5 points.)
...Are they a hybrid of more than two species? (4 more points.)
...More than four? (5 more points.)
...Do they have all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses of their respective species? (5 more points, and slap yourself.)

14) Does the character possess something that should not be found in the universe in which the story is set? (ex. An aetherlock rifle in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.) (5 points.)

15) If they are a villain, does the character rise to the head of the universe's evil organization, if the series in question has one? (3 points; 5 if they actively dispatch the villain and take his place.)
...Or do they start up an evil organization of their own? (3 points.)

16) Do they reform a villainous character, whether through love or friendship or what have you? (3 points.)
...Even if the said villain was a complete monster beforehand? (5 points.)
...Or are they the one being redeemed? (2 points.)

17) Does the character twig to the plot or what's really going on long before any of the other characters do? (2 points.)

18) Does the character wind up saving the day? (2 points.)

19) Are they a part of, or join, the canon cast's organization, group, or team? (ex. They become a Jedi Master or a member of Slytherin House.) (2 points.)
...Is the aforementioned group a pretty exclusive one? (ex. Kingsguard.) (4 points.)

20) Does the character fight another character whom they really should lose to (ex. A padawan fighting General Grievous), but manage to win or break even? (4 points.)

21) Does the character's very existence break canon? (5 points.)

22) Is the character better at a specialty than a canon character of the same specialty? (ex. A character who is more skilled in potions than Severus Snape, or gets better grades than Hermione Granger.) (3 points per instance.)

23) When the character gets themself into a fine scrape, does getting out of it involve a plot tweak or a bending of established canon? (3 points.)
...What about a bending of previously established fic canon? (4 points.)

24) Does the character have powers that do not belong in the universe of the series? (4 points.)

25) Is the character liked by all the canon characters they meet? (3 points.)

26) Does the character solve the personal problems of any canon character? (3 points per character.)

Section III: Flaws and De-Suifiers

1) Does the character have honest-to-goodness acknowledged faults that aren't small, insignificant, or innocuous? (ex. greedy, weak-willed, sickly) (-3 points.)
...Do these faults have some bearing on the plot, as opposed to just being there for kicks and giggles? (-1 more point.)

2) When the character gets themself out of trouble, is it through hard work and perseverance, rather than blind luck? (-1 point.)
...Is it at a high cost? (ex. losing a useful item in the process, a limb, or something else significant.) (-2 more points.)

3) Does the character have some physical aspect that actually does detract from their appearance, such as a nasty scar, beer belly, etc? (-1 point.)
...What about their voice? Do they sound raspy/whiny/unpleasant/etc? (-1 point.)
...Do they have gross habits or manners that are off-putting? (ex. picking their nose, spitting) (-1 point.)

4) Does the character look older than they are, if they are about 30 years old or more? (-1 point.)
...Have they aged badly? Have the years not been kind to them? (-1 point.)

5) If the character is not human, do they react or think in distinctly non-human ways? (-2 points.)

6) Do they have or did they have any significant problems or failings that they could have prevented but didn't? (ex. They dropped out of university for letting their grades slide too much.) (-3 points.)

7) Are they especially bad at any practical or useful skills, such as cooking, sewing, driving, etc? (-1 point per skill.)

8) Are they illiterate, in a society where literacy is expected? (-4 points.)

9) If they are a villain, do they have a code of honour or personal credo that they follow no matter what? (ex. an imperial officer who insists on treating prisoners decently, or who always makes sure there are no civilian casualties.) (-3 points.)
...Even if they know that the heroes can exploit it? (-4 points.)

10) Is the character disabled, physically or mentally, and does not have something to make up for it? (-4 points.)
...Is the character blind, mute, or deaf? (-3 points for each.)

11) Has the character ever made a bad decision? (-1 point if minor, -4 points if it's a major, life-changing decision. -2 points if it's something that made a lot of trouble or hardship for them for any decent length of time.)

12) Does the character have an inflated self-image, and honestly sees themself as being much better at a skill than they are? (-2 points.)

13) Is the character very shy? (-1 point)
...Do they come off as cold, even if they don't mean to be? (-1 point.)
...Are they not skilled at making friends or getting close to others? (-1 point.)
...Or do they tend to put reserved people off by being too familiar too quickly? (-2 points.)
...Does the character get lonely easily? (-1 point.)

14) Have the character's principles ever created major trouble for them? (ex. Eddard Stark's devotion to honour and unwillingness to betray his principles was his downfall.) (-2 points.)

15) Does the character... (-1 point for each.)
...Dress badly? (mismatched colours, ill-fitting, ugly print dresses, etc.)
...Apply their makeup badly, if they wear it?
...Get called out on wearing skimpy or inappropriate clothing for their situation?

16) Is the character honestly ugly or unattractive, whether it's their looks or their personality? (-2 points.)
...If the character is unnaturally beautiful, are they perceived as such and are considered scary or repulsive because if it? (-1 point.)

17) Was the character involved in some scandal that damaged their reputation and/or integrity? (-2 points.)

18) Is the character impotent or sterile? (-4 points.)
...If sterile, is it by their own choice? (-1 point instead.)
...Does this impotency or sterility cause them problems and/or pain? (-2 more points.)

19) Is the character a slob that would make a monkey blush? Or, are they a neat freak that simply must have things just so? (-1 point.)

20) Is the character incompetent or below-average in their job/profession/field? (-3 points.)

21) Does the character have a potentially damaging or debilitating habit? (ex. smoking, heavy drinking.) (-2 points per habit. Ignore if their habit is 'cool' and they don't suffer any side-effects for it.)

22) Does the character have any phobias? (not just fear of something; it has to be crippling) (-1 point.)
...Do they play an important part in the plot? (-2 points.)

23) Does the character have a fixation/obsession with something? (-1 point.)
...Does it interfere with their day-to-day life? (-2 points.)

24) Are they an older person, and feeling their age? (-1 point.)

25) If they've got great skills in something (ex. martial arts, archaeology), is it because they've spent years training or studying to get to where they are? (-2 points.)

26) Do they get a tragic or very unhappy ending? (-3 points.)

27) Do they exhibit traits which do interfere with their calling? (ex. a callous paladin, a forgetful mage) (-1 point.)

28) Is the character naive, gullible, or easily taken advantage of? (-1 point.)
...And do they get taken advantage of? (-1 more point per instance.)

29) If the character is a vampire...
...Are they a repulsive Nosferatu-type? (-2 points.)
...Are they bestial and vicious, instead of the more suave, attractive type? (-2 points.)

30) Does the character work hard for the money/job/rank/etc that they have? (-1 point.)

31) If the character is high-ranking, do they ever feel under a lot of pressure from their job/chain of command? (-2 points.)
I was looking at some Mary Sue litmus tests some time ago. While fun, they're not as comprehensive as they could be, so I made my own and ran a few random characters through it.

XD Yes, the vampires question is biased. I regret nothing. NOTHING.

If you use this to test a character, leave a comment with their name and score, maybe? All in the spirit of good fun.

EDIT: Wow, I'm surprised and pleased by how many people are using this to test their characters! But I'm not sure how to judge the more negative scores, since nobody I tested (and I tested more a handful!) got more than -5. If you're getting more than -20 or -25, then you might have what they call an "Anti-Sue", which is still unbelievable thanks to too many flaws rather than too many virtues. A well-balanced character ought to be somewhere in the range of -5 to 20, to my thinking.

EDIT 2: Just because a character gets an acceptable score does not mean that it's a 100% guarantee that they're a well-developed, interesting, well-balanced character. Only the story will tell whether they're that or not, not a Sue test. =P
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A friend of mine's OC got a 41, but she refuses to fix it and can't stand positive or negative critique. >.< It's disappointing.

But my OC Haruna got an 11.
Timewap1 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Fix it?

That's kinda pretentious.

How do you know that it's a broken character? Just because a test told you so or because you read them in a badly written story?
Do you really believe traits are a sign of a bad character?

I ask this because there is no such thing as a bad character. Only bad writers.
If her character is being used as basically an avatar of herself, that would need to be fixed.
On the other hand, if it's being used in a story which the character feels at home, who are you to complain about it if it's not up to yours or other's taste.

You must understand the "why" of character development. Only then will you grow as a writer.
MadelynKitten Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fair enough. I didn't consider that. My apologies and thank you for the advice. :3 She's mainly using it as herself in order to fit with Gaara, yet the personalities don't match and the traits are rather redundant and cancel out themselves or vanish unless it's for comic relief and possibly for Gaara to protect her. It's just rather annoying is all. I meant no harm.
Timewap1 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Tis alright.

You kinda grow out of that phase at some point...unless you have social issues.
The information is more for your own benefit and I'm glad I can be of help.
Rolf-Thorne Featured By Owner Edited Jan 4, 2016
I have not seen the Force Awakens, and I likely will not, but could someone who knows it and has a relatively balanced mindset run Rey through the test? Most of the defenses I have seen have been straw-man arguments about sexism, but by that idea Lieutenant Mary Sue herself would not be a Mary Sue. The better ones I've seen were that she is not infallible, but that is not conclusive since not all Mary Sues are completely infallible. Just to head off a likely comment: I am fully aware that we do not know the full history of the character/possible explanations for all events, so a perfect score is not possible, just hoping someone can give a ballpark estimate.
SakuraTES Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I know a character that can beat Edward Cullen - Data from ST:TNG considering he can play every musical instrument and speak every language lol
Rolf-Thorne Featured By Owner Edited Jan 6, 2016
I loved his complete inability to write decent poetry. Everything rhymed and none it it made good sense.

There should be a limit to point in each category like that so such categories don't generate overpowering numbers of points. C3PO might be fluent in six million forms of communication, but I see instant expertise in unfamiliar fighting styles as far more distracting.
SakuraTES Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, my main OC, Columbia, has...

1 - had his twin brother killed in an accident (where seven other people were killed, including a quite famous teacher)
2 - had a "replacement" of his brother made just for the sake of it
3 - decided to abuse the "replacement" (you see, he isn't the one being abused)
4 - had his limb torn off to try to save seven of his friends but ended up getting them killed along with himself (one of the seven was from Israel)
5 - If you got what my story is about, congratulations, subtract 500 points from your character's final score.
Timewap1 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 31, 2015
This is really bad.

This is basically saying that anyone who creates anything that isn't a boring dullard is making a bad character.
Yeah some things are overused and not very creative. Some are pretty lazy and a sign of poor writing.

The only thing that qualifies a character as a Mary Sue is a character that hijacks their story or someone else's for pure ego.

That's it.

All these traits with exception to the ones that break what was stated above is fair game in the writers tool bag.
There are no such thing as bad characters, only bad writers.
People make the mistake of associating traits like these to bad character because bad writers badly written bad writing.

And this really should be taken down because all you are doing is encouraging novice or generally good writers to not take risks when writing all because some...(or a lot when you're brain dead enough to read twilight) people read some shitty fanfiction.
SplashSong Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
You make a good point, sir/mam, good for you for posting this! :3 Although, despite what you said, I belive that this test is a helpful little tool for helping writers make sure their characters aren't too cliche. And even if that character got a higher score on this test, it doesn't mean they have to change it, as long as the plot is interesting and well written, it should be fine!:D (Big Grin) 
Timewap1 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
Thank you.

cliche is just another word for lazy writing. Not bad writing but lazy.
Though that doesn't mean that makes a bad character, as said.

Again, it's up to the writer whether or not they are putting the effort in to improve their craft.
And as long as they are doing that, they can have all the cliche's in the world if they want.

Good day.
EpicRandomCat115 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If they are vampires and they SPARKLE, they should add 1234323514377353725635379400588563536756578578125365645376784216793689614896317826673526754672356756374567456725675374632748709127987432987983262873467846732567453276543866328726486328767537651237656732153762&67836&7678215685316756897489739286487532675621781548769861087408172986287567351267526753675217656375367 Points and get off the internet FOREVER.
SakuraTES Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
lol XD
EpicRandomCat115 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep. XD
TheOmegaDiajin Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
One of my stories Antagonist got 21. I am surprised because I thought he would got more.
This is him -…
candlelight7 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 19, 2015
My Characters (that I choose for this test anyway):
Agate:-1 before removing points 17
Emma:-12 before removing points 13 (I didn't realize I was so cruel to this character until now ;w; )
Anna: -21 before removing 12 (whats with me that want my characters to suffer???)
exp 37: -22 before removing 17 (None is safe from me)

I'm proud of my terrible mind C:
Phinanie Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015
-6... what does this mean?
shiraliat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
Dicken's mom from the Secret Garden got a 46... oops...
ask-wyeth Featured By Owner Edited Nov 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My main OC got a 7. I'm going to do my ponysona next. She got a 7 too.
Interestingpotato Featured By Owner Edited Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know I've taken this a bunch of times and commented a lot already, but it's a really good quiz! So ... I'm commenting again! XD
My redesigned character got -7! His crippling anxiety disorder (which majorly effects the plot and never goes away) and bad-ish looks took away a bunch of points!
Theallpowerfuldoge Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is my character a Sue? theallpowerfuldoge.deviantart.…
Griffonmender Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Try reading this helpful guide instead of asking around on an arbitrary litmus test. ^^;
Here it is:…
CerisBeech Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Student Writer
About 15 for Indumati, my main OC.
vitaminanime Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015
-9 for the character I took this quiz with, and that's being generous. yet why does she still show shades of Sue in her...?
PeteTheGrouch Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
Interesting test.. Although, some of the questions & answers do feel a bit ambiguous in nature. Plus, the whole test seems to assume the character in question is either A: human; or B: a vampire... Is there no scope for other non-human type characters?
SharkBandit Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Hobbyist
-16 for mine. -13 if i decide to give him a more happy ending. At first i planned on killing him off, but I think he's grown on me too much.
LoneStranger Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I might be a bit off but I just ran my character Sahlia through and got a 13 for her.
DemonDuckling Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
-7 for mine, and I still love 'er!
animecute-girl Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I got 1 for one of my OC's ._.
bangoomos11 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My Infamous second son oc Grim got a 10... YES! He's not a sue. but my other character he needs an "operation..."
SpikeTheStalker Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
My weird wolf character got... 7 :D

FnaF Icon [57] - Lenny Safra <--- Oh god, that wolf thing looks a lot like him. XD
xXOffOnATangentXx Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
10 :party:
GalaxyOfTheDoodles Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
I have a question. What if the person was abused, but they still have side effects of it, and still have issues regarding it? 
Sephicreep Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think it counts, it shows that you've done it correctly in my opinion.
Ask-Diff-Villagers Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015

A human version of a cookie.
IS831fan9 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Got 4 for my newest Soul Eater Oc, so that is good!
And, does if count if the character has natural odd hair color if its natural to have slightly odd hair in the anime the Oc is from?
DarkNinjaMizuki Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-15 0-0, what...
Quiteamate Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
Got 15 for my Fanfiction OC. I may have the Creator on my side, and can become allies with past villians, but I am still limited to mortal death and ailments
Sleepstar Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Done it for Harold Rivers, one of my main characters. Total Points: Eight Points, so he's a balanced Character. Highest Points on one section before the De-sueifiers is three points for disrespecting authority and that was an one-off. 
GingertheTiger Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*cough cough*


The gorgeous psychopath

I'm going to do this and see what she is.

I did cut out the Fanfic part since she's not from a fanfiction of anything. Unless you consider writing a book about a psychotic Katy Perry fangirl to be "fanfiction". 


She got a nine
AlexMeowCakes Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015
My novel's main character got a 6... not too shabby Id say.
DidiSprint Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
The main character in my novel scored a -4. I'm proud of myself.
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